Flash Memory Summit 2016
FADU Inc, a start-up company developing NVMe solutions, will make a debut at the Flash Memory Summit 2016 taking place from Aug. 9 to 11 at Santa Clara Convention Center, CA. FADU will be exhibiting its first NVMe SSD product, FREE™ EC800F on booth #715 and deliver an interesting presentation about a disruptive SSD controller architecture at forum A-22.

FREE, standing for “Fast”, “Random access”, “Energy efficiency” and “Economics”, represents the values that FADU wants to deliver through its products. The EC800F, the first product of FREE™ series, is the best performing NVMe SSD, with up to 5.0GB/sec of sequential read throughput and 5.0GB/sec of sequential write performance provided via the PCIe 3.0 x8 connection. Random read performance peaks at over 1,100K IOPS, and it also offers a sustained 4KB random write performance of 500K IOPS. 

This surprising performance is achieved by just a single FPGA controller based on a new innovative architecture designed and developed by FADU. In the enterprise NVMe SSD market, it is easy to find that high-performance NVMe SSDs have multiple FPGA or ASIC controllers. It’s because each single controller can’t reach the desired level of performance. To overcome this performance hurdle, FADU started to design and develop since its foundation a new architecture from the group up instead of improving bit by bit within the legacy architecture. The EC800F is the first and noticeable result of this efforts.

More information about EC800F can be found at booth #715 and FADU’s new SSD controller architecture will be explained in detail at the forum A-22.

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